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I keep this cigar box of plastic bugs and creatures because- I know I would miss it were it gone, and if a little kid comes over just put that box in front of them and you can hang out with your buddy. Advertisements

One is a fish bowl that I have carried from house to house for many years, but I have never put a fish in it.  It made me ask myself: at what point do good intentions turn into hoarding? And the other is a magnifying glass that was my grandad’s- I don’t use it or […]

Since my father passed away when I was 2, I never really got to know him and anything I have of his means a great deal to me. This is one of the only things I have that directly connects me with him, so it’s extra special. He made it and I think it’s really […]

My grandmother gave me Golden Bear for my first Christmas, and he sits by my bedside still. He and I were inseperable for many years, and I slept with him tucked under my arm until I was a teenager. I love him because he provides a connection to my childhood self. Looking into his eyes, I can […]

My father got me this while we were on a family vacation in Maine.  1985 or so.  4th or 5th grade.  My mother said I’d cut my finger off.  (“You’ll shoot your eye out.”)  My father got it for me anyway.  A few weeks later I cut the hell out of my finger but lied […]

Kate’s plaque


This hung in my mother’s kitchen throughout my childhood. When I got my own house and began the cycle of constant tidying and messying, I remembered it and asked her for it.

Kate’s watch


This was the first sweetheartish gift my husband gave me. It’s his watch from when he was a kid; he put a new band on it and gave it to me.The watch doesn’t run unless you wind it every few minutes. As soon as it starts, it starts slowing down. I love it–and wear it […]