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I thought I should include a photo of my own. On the left is a metal hand I got at the flea market years ago. Propped on it is a flexible rubbery ear that came from one of those .25 mini-vending plastic bubbles, along with the hand, tongue, nose and foot you see on the […]

I always take a picture of my old cellphone when I get a new one and I make it the wallpaper on my new one.  Just for a month or two.

Claire’s bowl


  I really don’t know what I’m going to use this bowl for, because it’s pretty little, and I don’t want to put it in a cupboard, because its so pretty. I think it’s supposed to be for eating grapefruit. But I never eat grapefruit.

I have to admit I can’t find the email in which Doug provided the explanation for sending this but it went something like… We got this Suburban for our family of 6 in 1985. Many good times were had.

These are from a restaurant in Bristol, Tennessee, where my uncle and aunt lived till I was 6. We went to this restaurant every time we visited them, and they had plastic monkeys in the drinks, and I always played with and kept the monkeys. 25 years later, I still have a pair of them.

My friend Sarah returned to the library and presented me with the pink mermaid. A mere McDonald’s Happy Meal toy or a plastic representation of my mindset while studying for finals? I began snapping pictures of her in a variety of poses over increasing piles of books, versions of my final papers, etc. and posting […]

Brought to me from a trip to the fair by my daughter. She said he had a smiling mouth before she put him in her pocket and got on the tilt a whirl ride. He has worn a frown ever since but the memory makes me smile each time I look at him because he […]