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Kate’s plaque


This hung in my mother’s kitchen throughout my childhood. When I got my own house and began the cycle of constant tidying and messying, I remembered it and asked her for it. Advertisements

Kate’s watch


This was the first sweetheartish gift my husband gave me. It’s his watch from when he was a kid; he put a new band on it and gave it to me.The watch doesn’t run unless you wind it every few minutes. As soon as it starts, it starts slowing down. I love it–and wear it […]

This two carvings were left around by two different friends at different stations in life but the carvings have hung out side by side for years. Neither one means that much to me but neither has been lost.  I guess I can’t break up the pair.  Also the elephant only has three legs.

My grandmother had a collection of probably 700 music boxes, when she died, by the time I got there the ones I wanted were taken.  I took these two miniature oil burning lamps that used to sit on a shelf.  They’re really cool looking when lit.

Kim’s mobile


My sister is ten years older than me, and as a girl I loved to hang out in her bedroom. Of all of the 1970’s elements that I remember from her walls and shelves, this mobile is the only thing I have from that room.

Kim’s plant


A friend came to visit me on a sunny Sunday, and we took a walk around my Durham neighborhood. There is an abandoned house that I’ve passed many times alone, but with a companion, I finally had the courage to investigate it. She noticed these tiny plants growing around the front porch. We both took […]